10 harmless habits that sabotage ambitious entrepreneurs

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10 harmless habits that sabotage ambitious entrepreneurs


Being ambitious is a great thing is you know exactly what you want and if you are able to figure out how to work your way to those goals in a smart way. There are often situations in which a person is driven, but they sabotage their progress without even knowing it. In this article, we are going to be talking about 10 harmless habits that can sabotage ambitious entrepreneurs so that you can avoid them.

10-General daily entertainment

We are living in the Netflix era and this means that we have all kinds of movies, TV shows and documentaries available at any time we want to watch them. This means that we are tempted to just sit down and browse through the catalog. This usually means you will be browsing for 5 to 10 minutes if you are lucky enough to settle for something to watch and then you will spend another 90 minutes watching a movie. This means that on average you will spend up to two hours each night on Netflix.

It’s important to note that entertainment is useful and it plays an important role in getting rid of stress and feeling better in general, but you should avoid making this a daily habit. Make movie night a sporadic thing and this will allow you to make better use of your time on a daily basis.

9-Eeating out habits

There is no way to deny that eating out can be a very useful thing to do when you use it for business reasons. It’s also good when you want to catch up with a friend or relative that you haven’t’ seen in a while, but it can be a problem when you start to do it frequently for no good reason.

Some people say that they save time by eating out and not cooking food, but the truth is that you are spending more time driving to that restaurant than you would by cooking your own food. You also spend more if you constantly call delivery services to save time. The best thing to do is learn to organize your grocery shopping and make the best kind of food for your needs and stay as healthy as possible.

8-Social media use

We are all obsessed with social media in modern times and we have taken that obsession to our mobile devices too. The biggest mistake anyone can make when they are trying to accomplish their goals is to waste time chatting about trivial things and gossiping about what other people are doing.
Limit social media use for what it was meant to be used in the first place. To catch up with people you don’t see often and to briefly catch up on what your contacts are doing a couple of times a week.

7-Listenting to music

While there are many benefits to listening to music, it can also be very time-consuming because music is entertainment. You can get all mystical and spiritual about it, but at the end of the day, music is entertainment and as such, it needs to be regulated. Avoid listening to music while working unless it’s very slow and mellow instrumental music.

6-The snooze button in your alarm

I have always had a hard time waking up in the morning if I don’t get enough sleep. This was a bad thing for me because when you run your own business, you work on your own terms and I would constantly shift my sleeping cycle because of this. Using the snooze button would also hurt my cycle and I eventually realized that waking up on the first alarm is essential.

5-Trying to get too many things done at once

Recent studies have proven that we are not meant to be doing any multitasking as we are only able to fully focus our attention on a single task at a time. You should learn to get things done one at a time and this is going to allow you to finish your tasks faster.

4-General shopping

There are many people who spend a lot of time doing general shopping and this can be very time-consuming. They go to a store, look around and decide what to buy after at least 30 minutes to an hour. This might be ok once in a while, but you should we schedule your shopping for once every two weeks at most. Make a list of the things you need and spend a full day buying them.

3-Going out at night

We all need to take a break from our office and from home and just let loose and enjoy a good time once in a while, but you need to find a balance that won’t hurt your time, your health and your wallet. Go out once a week during the weekend and reward yourself for a hard week of work, but don’t become one of those people who always goes out when friends call for a night out.


Sports have always been a great pastime for a large number of people. It’s important not to fall on the category of a fanatic who needs to watch every game and browse around online to see what his favorite athletes are doing.

1-Failing to consistently get rid of those habits

This is number one on the list because it’s the most common habit that people fail to break. They start following the advice given and eventually they fall back to their old habits. Stick to those changes and you will see results.

Final Thoughts

Learning to get rid of things that waste your time and money is going to be extremely important if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Time management and income management will be essential if you want to succeed.

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