5 tips to crushing your morning

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5 tips to crushing your morning

Science has proven that our willpower is at its peak during the morning and that it slowly loses the ability to convince us to start getting things done as the day goes by. This is more than enough of a good reason to start waking up as early as possible and getting as much work done as you can each day. In this article, we are going to give you five powerful tips that are going to help you wake up like a boss and crush your morning.

1-Boost your energy tank with exercise

The only thing you should do as soon as you wake up is wash your face, have a glass of juice and start to exercise for at least 20 minutes every morning. The 20-minute window is the minimum recommended length for a workout because it’s the least amount of cardiovascular activity that you can get to see any significant results in both health and appearance.

The vast major of successful people believe in this practice and men like Steve Murphy, the CEO at Christies, believes that his days are much better thanks to this daily habit. He feels his minds works properly, his body feels healthier and his motivation levels are much higher.

2-Get ready for your morning

This is the first task for everyone before they even consider working on anything related to their daily tasks and goals. You need to drink your coffee, do your workouts and eat your breakfast. If you have a specific beverage, food or activity that allows you to wake up with full energy, you need to prioritize this activity before you engage anything else.
Planning your day, meditating and analyzing things is not possible if you don’t give yourself time to wake up and energize your body. Your brain needs 15 minutes to half an hour to be able to function at peak levels after a good night of sleep and this is even harder when you didn’t catch enough Z’s the night before.

3-Start your day by planning tomorrow

This means that by the time you wake up, you should already have your schedule of things to do for tomorrow. Each morning should start with the process of planning your next day, but make sure that step 1 is always done before that. Many successful individuals say that they always plan the next day before they start the tasks of the present day.
One thing you need to remember is that there will always be times when new tasks will get in the way unexpectedly and you should always learn to manage your time in order to be able to include them. Some people prefer the idea of planning the next day at night, but you could simply plan your day in the morning and include any unexpected tasks during the night.

4-Ask this simple question

Steve Jobs asked himself a very simple question every single morning. He would look in the mirror and ask “if today were the last day of my life, would I want to be doing what I will do today?” He says that if he would answer no for more than just a few days, he would usually change something about what he was doing.
The simple action of asking himself this question became a very powerful way for him to get things done with motivation because he knew he was doing something he enjoyed and he felt passionate about.

5-Make time for quality bonding

If you have a family, bond with your wife and children at some point during your morning. If you only have a pet, bond with your pet and if you live alone, just chat with a friend on social media or have a video conference with a relative. The idea is for you to make the habit of briefly interacting with others every morning before you start your tasks.
When people interact with others, they are more likely to feel better during the entire day because they are going to feel much more connected to the world around them. This is a very useful and helpful tip because it will keep you balanced and this will translate to a much better result when you get work started for the day.

Final thoughts

Being able to make the most out of your mornings is always going to provide extremely positive results in your life. The more we can do in the morning, the easier it will be for us to be able to condition our minds and bodies to achieve the best possible results. The earlier you prepare for your day, the earlier you will be done with your daily goals.
Never forget that willpower is at its highest in the morning and this means that you should pursue an early bird lifestyle if you really want to squeeze as much activity as you can out of each day.

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