5 ways elite entrepreneurs crush the competition

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5 ways elite entrepreneurs crush the competition


The modern world is hectic and relentlessly competitive. We need to make sure that we can come up with the most powerful and useful methods to get things done if we want to maintain a competitive edge. Today we are going to be talking about five powerful ways that elite entrepreneurs crush their competitors.

1-Wake up early and get enough sleep

Successful Skyzone SEO Jeff Platt has mentioned that being able to get enough sleep and meditate before catching Z’s has been one of the most important things during his journey to success. If you work hard and you don’t rest just as hard, the results the next morning won’t be half as good.

Most people need to sleep at least 8 hours a day to feel rested, but some people seem to find their optimal balance at 6 hours a day and this gives them the results they want and need. Find your own balance by spending a week sleeping only 6 hours a day

2-Say no often

Learning to say no is even more important than learning to say yes. When you build momentum and you have many tasks to handle, your life could become a nightmare if you keep saying yes to every opportunity and every activity you could engage. Warren Buffet, the investment guru has mentioned that you can’t allow for others to set your schedule and agenda in life. You need to decide how to manage your time properly and saying no to things that will take too long for very little in terms of results is usually a very good idea.
Learning to identify when to say no, when to say yes and when to take some time to evaluate things is going to be crucial if you want to put this to good practice. Saying no too iften can also be bad because you might miss out on important opportunities. That is the balance that you have to master if you want to get the best results.

3-Do one thing at a time

Learning to be protective of the time you have is going to be essential for good results. This means that once you have scheduled a certain priority task, you should stick to that one task and make sure that you work as hard as possible to achieve the best results. The more you focus on a single task, the easier it is to be productive and to get more things done. This is a key element that will boost your competitive edge. Gary Keller, chairman of the board at Keller Williams Realty believes this has been essential for his success.

4-Less is always more

Performance consultant, speaker & award winning author John Brubaker consider himself a “recovering workaholic” because h used to spend too much time working and this took a toll in this performance. Once he understood that an entrepreneur is only as good as his ability to recover and recharge his batteries, he was able to upgrade his productivity and maintain a higher level of engagement.

When we try to get more things done day by day, we end up overwhelmed and tired because our brains are trying to process too many tasks and we end up burning ourselves out. This has a direct effect on our performance and we slowly start to lose the energy, the drive and the efficiency that makes us stand out.

5-Stick to good rituals

Tony Robbins, the famous and highly successful coach has mentioned that he credits a large amount of his success to his rituals. Those rituals include all kinds of daily activities that help him prepare for his day and also activities that help him prepare the following day.

You can have rituals as simple as reading the newspaper early in the morning and making sure that you catch up with world news. You can also have a ritual of doing 20 pushups fight after you get out of bed. The point is that positive rituals with positive outcomes are always a good thing to keep in your life.

Final thoughts

Being able to maintain the highest level of efficiency as an entrepreneur is going to make a world of a difference in your life. You can either crush the competition or be crushed by it. This is going to depend on your ability to be as productive as possible while also making sure that you can have time for yourself and time to recharge your batteries.
The best thing about these 5 ways that elite entrepreneurs crush the competition is that all of them use these strategies in order to achieve their results. These are bulletproof ways to increase productivity and that is the main reason why any serious entrepreneur needs to implement them in their personal strategies for success.

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