How to Super Charge your Productivity with these 5 Hacks

June 02, 2017

How to Super Charge your Productivity with these 5 Hacks


There is no question that learning how to be productive and how to manage your time will be essential if you are looking to be successful at achieving your goals. And there is no question that the PROSPR Planner can help you with that.  In this eBook, we are going to be talking about 5 hacks that are going to supercharge your productivity and help you reach your goals much faster.


1.  Turn Breaks into Work


 "Time is the only thing we have equal in all humanity."

Tony Robbins


This is one productivity hack that has become quite popular and famous successful people like Steven Spielberg, the renowned Hollywood director that brought us Jaws and E.T have always used it. He says that one of his greatest secrets when it comes to how he handles tasks is that he uses his breaks during work. This means that while other directors will just sit around and chit chat between takes, he would usually be working on a new project during those 10, to 15-minute breaks.

As a writer, I use this technique on a daily basis.  Whenever I have some down time at work; I outline book ideas, blog post, or shoot emails to my virtual assistants.  When reviewing my daily progress in my planner; it is amazing how much gets accomplished in these short windows of time.

 This might not seem like enough time to get anything done, but once you accumulate enough of those short breaks, you will have hours of work done. With that said, next time to think of wasting your next break, think again, you could get a completely new project started and this is definitely a very useful method to get things done.


2.  Early Bird Catches the Worm

  No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year
fails to make his family rich.” 
Malcolm Gladwell

 I hate mornings!

 That was my mindset years ago.

 It would make no sense to have a top 5 productivity hacks eBook and not include this popular hack.  The earlier you get up, the easier it is for you to get things done and be ahead of your competition.  Back in 2014, my life completely changed when I started rising earlier.  I was “Captain Lazy” and hated the thought of rising early.  But, I knew I needed to make a change in my life in order to accomplish my goals.  I discovered the book “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and it changed my perception about rising early. 

Having to be at my normal job(truck driver) by 6:00 am, I decided to do something radical and begin rising at 4:00 am!  During this time, I accomplished so much.  I’ve written multiple Kindle books, a basketball shooting instruction DVD, put up a blog, and much more.  Most of these things were completed in my 2-hour morning routine.  It works for me and many others.

 Mark Wahlberg, the famous Hollywood actor says that he gets up at 4 am in the morning every single day.  Even if he goes to a party or needs to be up late for due to shooting schedules, he always wakes up at 4 am to maintain that rhythm of life.

A large number of successful people do this too and it makes perfect sense because they are already warming up for a day of business while everyone else is sleeping.


3.  Set Small Goals to Stay Motivated



“How do you eat a cow?  One hamburger at a time!”



There are very few authors of horror novels that are as popular and successful as Stephen King. The writer says that he always sets a goal of writing at least 1000 words every day, even on weekends and holidays without any exceptions. This keeps him motivated because he can see just how much work he has completed by the end of the month and this has helped him publish a ton of successful books in his lifetime.

Like most people, I had the mindset of setting big goals and doing all I could to achieve them.  This method led to burnout, poor health, and unhappiness.  My perspective changed on goal setting when I read these books:

Each book is great and makes unique arguments, but overall their message is this--set aside an hour or two(morning preferably)each day and work on your important goals.  Keep up this habit and over time your goals will get accomplished.  

 My productivity skyrocketed after this discovery.  The key is to stick with the habit.

Being able to stay motivated in order to achieve the best possible results with your work is going to be essential. If you have a large goal, you need to create smaller goals that contribute to it. This is going to allow you to celebrate those smaller accomplishments and feel like you are headed in the right direction. It will help you stay focused too and that is extremely important when you are working your way up.


4.  Learn to Delegate

Learn to Delegate

My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather have less to do.” 
Francine Jay


One of the biggest problems that people tend to make in life is that they will try to get everything done on their own. This can be a very serious problem when it comes to productivity because you are never going to have the time and the focus to get one thing done properly. Nothing can be more disastrous than getting a lot done every day with mediocre results. It’s much better to do one thing right than ten things wrong.

Donald Rumsfeld, the former secretary of defense mentioned that he would always delegate everything that did not involve a critical task or decision for the president or for himself. Avoid becoming a bottleneck at all costs and you will succeed.

5.  Keep the Chain from Breaking

Crush your goals

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” 

Jim Rohn


 This is an excellent way to get things done every single day and stay motivated. The idea is for you to get a calendar and cross the when you are finished with your daily tasks for that day. Forget about clocking your daily activities; just make sure that you don’t do anything else until you are done with the daily tasks. This means no movies, no TV, no going out with friends and no wasting time online until you have met your daily goals and crossed off that day.

One famous individual who made this method popular was Jerry Seinfeld. The popular comedian believes that playing “don’t break the chain” has been the most powerful productivity hack he has ever done and that is the reason why he has managed to achieve all of the success he has today.

Final Thoughts

Being able to get as much work done during your day is always going to be your main weapon for success. If highly successful people found those hacks useful, it’s quite likely that you are going to find them extremely beneficial in your life too. Just make it a habit to practice them and they will become second nature to you.


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