Lessons from Famous People: How Journaling transformed their lives

September 01, 2017

Lessons from Famous People: How Journaling transformed their lives


There is no way to deny that writing has been the most important habit humanity ever invented. We are now able to read about ancient cultures thanks to the writing they left behind. This was all we had back in times when writing was the only way to create solid proof and documentation of our progress and our evolution.

If you take some of the greatest minds that every lived and you looked for a few important common denominators, you would find that they all wrote journals. Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Maya Angelou, Ernest Hemingway, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are amongst the many unforgettable minds that did this on a regular basis.

Michal Hyatt once said that the things that happen to us are not as important as the meaning we give to those things. He was basically saying that journaling helps sort things out and allows us to sort things out when we need to take time to see how much progress we have made in our journey to success.

Benjamin Franklin said that you should read and review your latest journals in the morning in order to maintain a proper vision of the horizon in every aspect of your life. This allows you to start seeing the bigger picture and this kind of reflection will give birth to your most creative ideas.

There are many extensive studies that show the many benefits of writing things that no one else is going to see. It helps keep your cells active and relieves stress and anxiety. Being able to handle those issues properly is always a great thing because it makes it much easier for you to handle your life in a peaceful manner and that is one of the secrets to a successful journey through life.

Charles Darwin got started on the habit of having a notebook with him for personal journaling when he was sailing on the HMS Beagle. Many of his writings in these notebooks gave way to a large number of his most impressive theories. He also had books for trivial observations and other books that included serious theoretical content.

Beethoven was one of the greatest musical minds that ever lived and he was one of those people who would never leave his home without his notebook. He would write down experiences and his personal thoughts on all kinds of situations he encountered. He felt that writing was a great way to stimulate his mind and he would always feel like his composition session would feel effortless after writing.

Neurologist Judy Willis reminds people that writing will enhance the brains ability to process, retain and retrieve information on a daily basis. It also helps increase long-term memory and allows people to reflect and meditate with ease. Those are definitely enough advantages to consider beneficial enough for your life

Thomas Jefferson was known for his love for writing. He would always carry a small notebook with him and he would write down observations and experiences that he would later read again to he would pass down the most important writing to seven large books that he was filling up with information on a specific subject per book.

George Lucas was also a huge fan of the small notebook strategy and he would take his notebook with him everywhere. He says that a lot of great ideas for the original Star Wars trilogy came from things that he wrote on that small notebook. If it worked for one of the most successful Sci-Fi directors, it will probably work for you.
Thomas Edison was also a huge notebook fan since his teenage years. He would take his notebook even if he was just going to walk around the block and he would always observe the world and he would write down things that he found to be interesting. He also recorded his experiments and the outcomes and this gave him important data that allows him to fine-tune his inventions.

Final thoughts

The trick is for you to write as often as possible when you have free time. There is no need for you to worry about proper grammar and punctuation as long as you can understand your own writing. Still, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your basic writing skills so that you can have an organized journal to come back to when you want to go through your entries.

You will find that every time you decide to start writing, you are going to feel your creativity flowing without restrictions and this is the best way to come up with new strategies, ideas and innovations in any kind of business venture. It will also help you in your personal life because you will learn to perceive things differently.

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