Our Story

Welcome To PROSPR! 

We are Kramon and Carolina Comeaux, and we have been
married and sharing our life together for over 15 years; two lovely
children complete our happy family. However, things weren’t always
so bright for us – and that is where our story begins. 

Due to the fact that both of us were neglecting
our self-care and inner balance we had to fight
with depression; Carolina also had to overcome lupus, a quite
difficult autoimmune disease where the body's immune system
attacks normal, healthy tissue.  Stressed and overworked we struggled
with work-life balance and living a life of fulfillment. 
That’s when we decided we wanted to make a
serious change in our mindset and our lives. 

We started extensive research on high-achieving, successful people
that had Faith as one of their primary focus values,
and Carolina set off for an enlightening quest to discover
what makes a healthy mind, body, and soul. 
With many sleepless nights and exhaustive studying, we discovered the
key milestones that lead to a healthy and fulfilled life.  Our lives
made a u-turn once we applied those principles.  The
results and benefits were: healing, increased productivity,
goals accomplished, and achieving a healthy work-life balance.
Today, Carolina is a thriving Wellness Coach and Author,
while Kramon has become a bestselling Amazon Author as well -
and that is how PROSPR came to life! 

Fully energized and filled with faith, we now want
to help other parents and families to apply these
same principles to their own lives!  Our goal is to help
every single one of our customers find their inner balance,
set their goals, build stronger family bonds, and ultimately
lead a happy, fulfilling, prosperous life! 
A Little Something About PROSPR! 

PROSPR is a small business based in Lafayette, Louisiana –
it is not a coincidence that this city is widely known for
being friendly, kind, and ultra hospitable to everyone! 

Our inspiration was our own experience and from
extensive research about juggling work and home life. 
In the book "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying", the author
discovered a profound regret of most "busy" and "overworked" professionals.
 Bronnie Ware stated, “this came from every male patient that
I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their
partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret….”
For us, family is the fabric of society, and there’s
no one we respect more than the professional businessman (woman)
or entrepreneur who gives their all to spend time both
in their workplace and at home! 

Why Choose PROSPR?

Because we are willing to go above and beyond for
our customers since our aim is not to simply “sell” to
them but to make their lives better and help
them to reach their full potential!

Our mission is to reinforce strong, tight family bonds
and bring wide smiles on our clients’ faces; after all,
we are the first and most demanding users of our
own products – if they aren’t perfect for us, they will
never find their way to you!

What’s more, we believe that actions speak
louder than words. Hence, instead of simply
stating that we deserve your trust and loyalty,
we take the extra mile and prove it, by donating
a percentage of our profits to charities that help
survivors of domestic violence.  Those that
offer food, shelter, and a much-needed future! 

Stay With Us – For There’s More To Come!